Medical Infos About Cycling: What Can It Do To Our Body

Cycling to the chemo, that’s logical?

“Can I come to the day center by bike?” I asked the specialist oncology nurse after she explained how the chemo course would proceed.

She looked at me in surprise, unable to say anything. In the meantime I was used to such a reaction, from medical Human Skeleton, Human Body, Anatomy, X-Ray, Human Bonestaff or from friends and family. I regularly saw huge question marks looming in the eyes opposite me. Why on earth would anyone with a lifeless, sarcopenia-infested body want to make the effort to cycle five kilometers for a rotten treatment? For me my question was mainly the result of a stunning example of operant conditioning. I already saw all the rewards ogle. A quiet paddle seemed the ideal preparation to collect a few more blades of relaxation before the spa day would begin. And also the perfect valve. After a long, stressful climate-controlled day, I could immediately refuel oxygen and kick all the tricks away. Three birds with one stone.

In our normal vital capacity, we usually do not feel so immediately whether we are doing well. At least I didn’t feel that. Earthly splattering. We do sports because research says that that is good for a bright future, but that we can also actually exploit such a long-term perspective. The motivation follows from the direct effects: we feel good, speak to our clubmates, look great and our mood is fantastic (really great to have sporty people in your area).

Is there medication with such a broad spectrum that is so cheap, so you have to read reviews before buying as always available and without side effects? we are not there yet: the good feeling after exertion spreads like an oil slick to the entire day’s activities. For example, afterwards you lie very satisfied in your bed and feel more like picking up other things. In short, the positive learning effects are piling up. It seems easy to imagine how essential this is for people who are confronted with pain, disabilities and deterioration all day long.

Medical Complaints

Cycling can prevent health problems, but can also help you recover after a (serious) illness. Sometimes cycling can also help you manage a disease better, such as with rheumatism or diabetes II. Sometimes cycling also causes discomfort such as knee problems. Below is a medical alphabet with information about many different medical problems and their relationship with cycling.

  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Rheumatism
  • Back complaints