Wearable Technology For Health And Fitness

Wearable technology fitness has laced itself in society and is becoming mainstream and might slow down any time soon. For instance, one wearable technology that many make use of, regardless of gender and age, is a wrist watch. Whether a traditional wristwatch or smart watch, this wearable is an essential accessory. Check out https://luxuryreplica.to/rolex-replica-watches.

Driven by the snowballing consumers’ demand to monitor and track their health, the utilization of wearable technology has tripled in the previous years. As per study by Business Insider Intelligence, over 80 percent of consumers are ready and eager to wear technology designed for fitness.

This growing demand for wearable tech has brought about a market that’s thriving, and today companies and insurers are looking into providing wearable technology into the industry of health which will be very beneficial to both their consumers as well as their employees.

Wearable Technology in Healthcare

Wearable healthcare tech includes electronic apparatuses that consumers could wear, such as smartwatches, which are devised to gather the data from the exercise and personal health of users. As per Accenture, consumer use of wearable tech in the US soared from 9 percent (2014) to 33 percent (2018).

The evolution of wearable tech as well as its snowballing consumer demand to assume responsibility of their personal health has prompted the industry of medicine and healthcare, as well as insurance providers and tech companies, to create more wearables. Below are a few examples:

Fitness Trackers

Several of the simplest forms of wearable techs are fitness trackers. These wristbands are furnished with sensors to track the wearers’ physical activities and monitor heart rate. Wearers are provided with recommendations for health and fitness by syncing them to numerous smartphone apps.

Smart Watches

Smartwatches let users carry out similar tasks they usually do on their smartphones, such as read alerts and notifications, receive and send simple SMS, and  make calls, whilst offering a number of similar features as fitness trackers.

ECG Monitors

ECG monitors, compared to smartwatches, is capable of measuring ECGs or electrocardiograms.  For instance, Withings’ Move ECG product won the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show for the best wearable. This product is capable of measuring the user’s ECG and able to send the readings to their doctor, and discover atrial fibrillation. Moreover, it is capable of tracking distance, pace as well as elevation, and automated tracking for running, walking, cycling, and swimming.