Understanding the Process of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a term you have been probably hearing for a lot of years now due to its popularity. Artist and even non artists are dreaming of achieving the perfect body which is why breast augmentation was developed. Thanks to technology, the process was made much efficient and less painful.

To those who haven’t heard of the term, breast augmentation is defined as a procedure wherein the breast will be enlarged and firm. In order to achieve fuller breast size, an implant should be placed. There are two types of implants currently available, and these are the saline implant and silicone implant. The saline is like a salt water. The more popular is the silicone gel implant because it is much cheaper yet looks natural. However, patients who choose silicone implant must have extra effort of visiting their surgeons. But to those who are rich enough to choose saline implant, it will be good for them since this is more natural and soft.

Why Aim for Breast Implant Surgery?

Usually, women opt for breast augmentation to:

  • Improve the firmness of breast especially after giving birth and during old age
  • Enlarge the breasts
  • In case the breasts are not similar in size, breast augmentation is needed.

Breast Augmentation Expectations

breast augmentation sydney is just like any other type of surgery. It is not that easy and simple which is why one must think carefully before deciding to undergo such operation because it will require huge amount of effort and time from you.

Prior to the operation, the surgeon will first do a consultation with you where he/she will examine your breast and will advise on the best breast size for you. He/she will also decide on what type of implant to use. In most cases, a silicon will be put inside your bra for you to determine the perfect breast size for you.

During the actual operation, you will feel nothing because the doctor will use anesthetic so you are just asleep. In some cases, a patient maybe awake when the surgeon used a local anesthetic, but again you will not feel anything.