Things Only Medical Technology Students Can Relate To

The journey to becoming a Registered Medical Technologist is no doubt challenging. In the middle of fighting against bacteria, fungi, blood groups, cells, hand-outs, and most essentially, rest, students studying this course see comfort in the fact that the same difficulty is experienced. Here are some things that will allow Medtech students nod their heads in consent.

  1. Whenever there is a requirement for rubbing alcohol, a lot of people quickly turn to you with the premise that you must constantly be carrying one because you are a Medical Technology student. This is nice at first but it normally becomes irritating at times. Not because you examine the most dangerous units and body solutions, doesn’t mean you need to be extra clean most of the time.
  1. Your colleagues think you’re gross and dirty. Unlike colleagues who reach out to each other to seek for advice or food or stuff, you normally ask them for their blood, literally. In some cases, you go way above blood extraction and even request for other body fluids like urine, stool, and spit. When you’d go to your colleagues with a disposable specimen cup on hand, several make a face in hatred.
  1. Patient pressure. Because the course requires practical laboratory exams, you need patients. May it be only for a unit sample or for a real method presentation, you will always require patients. Usually, there is a “patient-crisis” occurring particularly when Midterms or Final exams are coming.
  1. Kit. Walking around the school in a white gala uniform with a case on one hand and a book or notebook on the other is the normal get-up of Medical Technology students. They will be even be shocked if they see you wearing shirt or JUICE WRLD HOODIE at the mall. The kit is essentially an expansion of your life as a student that whether you realize it, there is an undeclared necessary for this kit to be constantly supplied with tools and equipment. The moment you start to run out of cotton balls or glass slides, you make a mental note to buy one from the nearest drugstore as soon as classes are finished. You see to it that you always have what you need in small pouch.