The use of Medical Drones under $100 for Delivery

Drones under $100 like from and of course, the premium models can be used for a number of applications like taking aerial footages, surveillance and more. Today, another application that is used for drones is for medical delivery like transporting serum, drugs and several hand-carry medical devices swiftly to remote locations.

As a matter of fact, there are many institutions and establishments in the field of healthcare are taking advantage of drone delivery.

Hospital Deliveries

The first step in using medical drones is most likely between hospitals. Treating patient typically demands speedy transfer of medical supplies or test samples that might be in other places. These transfers can happen between small regional hospitals that have limited supplies as well as large health centers.

The swift transfer of these samples to laboratories that are equipped to execute these tests and provide diagnostics can be life and death situation.

Delivering to Disaster and Accident Sites

Another application for medical drone is flying to specific location to deliver the supplies required. The typical application may help in disaster or accident victims of all kinds. Technicians at take-off site will just put in the GPS coordinates and then, the medical drone and its pilot will find its way to the destination.

Initially, drones are capable of dropping off supplies in padded packages or using small parachutes. However, as the technology becomes sophisticated, drones can identify favorable landing sites near the area of accident and be able to land autonomously.

Medical Drone Delivery Challenges

While it is true the medical drones can be used in operations in some parts of the US, regulations set by the FAA is limiting the drone’s cruising height and needs to be in line of sight. Fully autonomous drones on the other hand can fly higher than the required limit and will definitely fly beyond the pilot’s line of sight. The FAA is working hard to expand the permits for drones and carrying out several tests using autonomous drones.

The FAAs decision will be focused on the safety and reliability of drones. Small drones like those are considered for delivery of light medical supplies are safe compared to bigger and bulkier machines that may cause serious damage if it fails.