The Help of TikTok Over the Healthcare Industry

In terms of health forums and discussions, the most real, exciting, and up-to-date interactions might be dominating the TikTok industry. Compared to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, TikTok is a social media platform that is generally based on videos. The app has already been downloaded worldwide with more than a billion. Its users are allowed to make and post videos with short content (only around 15 seconds).

TikTok ranked seventh on the most downloaded social media platform over the past 10 years.

One good thing about this is the activity of the healthcare industry using the platform. The contents provided are really substantive and some are entertaining which leads the public towards medical development. Below are some cases that show the help of the app over the industry of healthcare.

Advice to Patients

There is one video content on TikTok highlighting the struggles of a patient in paying her hospital bill. In the video, the patient received suggestions to ask bills in an itemized system. This video obtained around 750,000 views. When the woman followed the advice of the TikTokkers, her bill had been deducted.

Advertisement of healthcare brands

Mucinex is an OTC medicine for colds. The brand utilized four social media influencers to post videos of their Halloween-themed campaign. All the influencers encouraged the viewers to make and post their own video contents under the #TooSickToBeSick campaign. This campaign hashtag garnered about 975 million views.  

These are just some of the cases that highlight the help of TikTok in the medical field. In case you want to find more video contents regarding the medical technology or healthcare industry, you may try to visit hypetik. However, just like other industries, utilizing the app or other social media platforms is one part of the marketing strategy over the healthcare field. Meanwhile, TikTok may not be the core of healthcare branding technique. Yet, here are some sections in which healthcare marketers can find TikTok valuable.

1. Inspiration

Here, you have the chance to see any updates regarding your audience or patient. You can even talk to them regarding their health conditions.

2. Interaction

Using this app, a deeper and more complex relationship rather than periodic advertising between you and your patient will be established.

3. Influencing

TikTok opens a better opportunity to have partnerships with influencers. They are usually considering doing the challenges which are the main content focus of the app. This works by posting videos that compete against other users of the same challenge.