The Birth of Surrogate Pregnancy

Technology never ceases to amaze us and grant us things that we never thought possible. Advancement, innovation, and both combined gave way to a lot of help in the industry especially in the medical field, where the most overwhelming and surprising advancement was made. What a lot lived on in endless thinking of impossible, the technology proved wrong; Surrogate pregnancy has helped change lives and give birth to lives which did not seem to be easy at all.

Types of Surrogate Pregnancy

Although a lot of controversies have arisen regarding this matter, it is in no doubt that this is such a big thing for couples who have fertility issues that can be seen on, and every reason beyond this too. Basically, the concept of surrogation is having the aid of a fertile woman’s body, and letting her carry the baby until childbirth. In today’s cases, there are two types of surrogation.

The first type is the traditional surrogation by which sperm cells of the father is inserted into the surrogate mother, in this case, the surrogate is the biological mother of the child since it is her fertile egg that created the baby, in some cases where both partners have fertility issues, a donor sperm can also be used.


The second type is the Gestational surrogate where the egg cell together with the sperm cell of both the parents will be inserted to the Surrogate. “in vitro fertilization” is the process by which this is made possible and in this case, the baby will have no ties to the surrogate since there is no genetic factor from her.

Medically, surrogate pregnancy can be a solution for problems that deemed helpless before. Fertility issues or even rare cases of unsafe pregnancy for the mother can be prevented through surrogation. This is also very helpful in the part of couples with old age that cannot conceive already. Advancement has paved way for such great inventions, and as much controversy as there are, we cannot deny that this has helped more lives than ever.