The areas of medical technology

Medical technology applies engineering principles to medicine. Technical and medical knowledge are combined for the purposes of diagnostics, therapy, nursing, and rehabilitation. And if you want to convert some files related to medical technology, you can take advantage of

Economic classification and sub-areas of medical technology

Medical technology is now also of great economic importance. The production processes themselves play a major role here, which are characterized by the interlinking of medical technology products and services, standardization processes, a high degree of innovation, and the regulations on patient protection. In addition, medical technology products are very expensive simply because of the high-quality requirements. This places high demands on the engineers in research, development, and production. Medical technology is divided into the following areas:

✓            Hospital engineering (English: Clinical Engineering): This sub-area deals with medical devices in hospitals. Engineers in this area advise clinics on procurement and monitor the installation, and in some cases the operation and maintenance of medical technology. There is close cooperation with hospital IT and medical physicists.

✓            Devices and medical products: These devices are often used in diagnostics, but they are also used for direct therapy or other medical influences. It includes products for conception control as well as infusion pumps, pacemakers, heart-lung machines, dialysis machines, visual aids, artificial organs, prostheses of all kinds, cochlear implants, and dental implants. These products are divided into active and passive devices and products, as well as four different risk classes.

✓            Medical technology for imaging diagnostics: These include ultrasound and X-ray machines, MRTs, OCTs (optical coherence tomography), CT machines and apparatus for mammography and angiography, scintigraphy, and positron emission tomography.

✓            Tissue engineering: In this area of ​​medical technology, artificial organs are manufactured that can now consist of biological and synthetic components.

These topics can be found in medical technology

✓            Medical informatics

✓            Biomechanics

✓            Signal processing of physiological signals

✓            Biomaterials

✓            Biotechnology

✓            System analysis

✓            Creation of 3D models

Specific applications arise, for example, in the manufacture of biocompatible prostheses, in medical therapy and diagnostic devices like EKG recorders and ultrasound devices, in imaging diagnostics (magnetic resonance tomography, electroencephalography), or in the development of new drugs.