State of the Art Technology For Medicine

The latest technology in medicine enables us to analyze hereditary data in tumor growth as well as immune cells faster and cheaply to achieve an even better understanding of the interplay between cancer, treatment and the immune system. This is the prerequisite for being able to develop tailor-made individual therapies for patients. This is a statement from Professor Ugur Sahin, Director of the Tron.

“The new technology is eight times more powerful than all the previously available methods,” added Dr. John Castle, head of the “Bioinformatics” working group at Tron. “This means a significant reduction in time and costs, but also a lot more information to analyze it Thanks to our special expertise and cooperation with the Mainz High-Performance Center for Data Processing (ZDV), we are ideally positioned for this “, Castle continues.

An understanding of the individual peculiarities of each cancer patient is the basis for a tailor-made treatment and therefore crucial for the success of the therapy. The “customized” and distinct medication provides the exceptional opportunity to achieve a significant improvement in cancer therapy, as well as to intercept the explosion in costs in the healthcare system.

The opportunities that enable increased throughput in decoding genomes and ushering in the next era of sequencing can help make the vision of such a medicine workable.