Some Medical Technologies of 2019

For many years, medicine and technology go hand in hand. The consistent advances in the medical field and pharmaceuticals have improved many other fields and saved millions of lives. As technology continues to be improved and as the years pass by, it can’t be denied that there are some advances that will soon be invented.

Few of the Top 2019 Medical Technologies

1. Robotic surgery

This helps to aid in flexibility, control, and precision and is used in minimally invasive procedures. Surgeons can execute very complex procedures which are impossible or otherwise highly difficult during robotic surgery. Because of this technology, surgeons can view vital additional information while still operating. Some concerns have been raised that this will replace human surgeons eventually but this technology will be used only to enhance and assist the work of surgeons in the future.

2. Smart inhalers

For asthma, inhalers are the foremost treatment option and can be effective for about 90 percent of patients if taken correctly. However, according to research, there are as many as 94 percent of patients who don’t use inhalers properly and there is about 50 percent only who managed to have their condition under control.

Smart inhalers have been developed in order to help patients with asthma to manage their condition easily. A tiny device is attached to the inhaler that registers the time and date of every dose and check if it was administered appropriately. This data is then transmitted to the smartphones of the patients so they may control their condition and keep track of it. Thus if you have asthma patients, it is advisable to get the best senior cell phones you can afford so you can keep track of their condition.

3. Wireless brain sensors

This device aids doctors in measuring the pressure and temperature within the brain.

4. 3-D printing

The 3-D printers can be utilized to create implants to be used during surgery.

5. Artificial organs

These are grown within the body of the patients with the aim to replace the original faulty one.

Other medical technologies of 2019

  • Health wearables
  • Precision medicine
  • Virtual reality
  • Telehealth


Medical technologies have not stopped inventing advances to help save many lives.