Researchers Working To Develop Corona Vaccine

We are working hard worldwide on a vaccine that can protect all of us against the coronavirus.

In January, during the Wuhan outbreak, genetic data of the coronavirus was shared with the world. From that moment on, research started immediately on the virus and the development of a vaccine.

Corona vaccine works in mice

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have proven the efficacy of a corona vaccine in mice.

In a study, it was shown that the mice produce antibodies specific for the coronavirus after the administration of a test vaccine. That would happen in sufficient quantities to neutralize the virus.

Initial results are positive

The Leiden Janssen Biologics BV, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, a major step put in the development of a vaccine against corona. On Monday March 30, it was announced that the pharmaceutical company has chosen the best variant of a vaccine from ten options. This was done based on animal experiments.

When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready?