Promising Advances in Medical Technology

There have been serious advancements in the field of medical technology since stethoscope and eyeglasses were invented. The bigger availability of mobile internet, aging world’s population and expansion of affluent middle class are all pushing the changes and innovation in healthcare industry as well as the technology associated to it.

As per the World Economic Forum, it shows that more than half of the workforce in medical industry is forecasted to need re-skilling in the future. In this article, you are going to see tons of tech that are used or currently in development which is known to change the landscape of healthcare industry for the better.

Personalized Medicine

If there’s one trend to all of the medical technology advances, then it is without a doubt the customization of treatments and medicine to specific patient. While this is now occurring at various levels, it’s more apparent in pharmacology and biotechnology.

An area of application is the pharmacogenomics. Today, it’s seeing a fast development as a potential approach in abating opiate addicted patients. Doctors and scientists can observe and study the responses of an addict to doses and drugs and choose the personalized method so by that, they can avoid some adverse impacts of overprescribing the scheduled drug.


The continuous advancements in video conferencing technology partnered with the ever-growing mobile internet platform and inception of wearable techs made telehealth as among the significant trends in medical technology.

Using mobile devices and 2-way camera, healthcare providers are able to have a one-on-one session with their patient even from a distance. These patients normally live either in rural locations or places that don’t have easy access to physical facility. Health monitors similar to wearable devices could check for blood pressure, blood oxygenation and heart rate. Both app and web enabled supplements could filter patient requests and also, save both patients and providers valuable energy and time.

With telehealth, anyone can now make the most of the equipment they sourced from and be at the top of their health.


Believe it or not, data breaches are costing various companies all over the world of over 3.86 million dollars per year and healthcare industry is suffering the most from these breaches. What blockchain does is, it is keeping distributed ledger of tons of information. This not just securely keeps data but also, it is cutting out middlemen while saving costs for patients and providers alike.