Movies To Watch That is Related to Medical Technology

What medical-themed films have you watched? It turns out interesting filmy online films, Loopers! For medical students, learning is something they must do because there are so many things about the anatomy of the body that they must master. However, learning doesn’t always have to use a thick book, you know. They can also watch medical-themed films. Besides being more fun, memorization will definitely be easier. Want to know what movies can be watched? Here goes the Loop give a leak!Doctor, Doctor'S Office, Stethoscope, Medicine, Medical

1. The Painted Veil

Do you want to see Edward Norton playing a serious movie? I think it’s mandatory to watch The Painted Veil. This film was produced in 2006 and tells of his struggle as a specialist in the fight against cholera which is affecting the entire world. Besides entertaining, there are also many lessons that can be taken, you know in this one film. Really recommended anyway!

2. Adams Patch

Based on a true story, Patch Adams is a medical-themed film full of emotions. Imagine, Robin Williams, lined up as the main character can provide quality dishes. He was told as a doctor who was famous for being very good at healing his patients. Uniquely, he admitted that love and affection is the most effective way to save someone’s life, not just medicine.

3. The Doctor

Different from the previous film, The Doctor tells more about the cold nature of a doctor. Not only in patients but also to their own families at home. His character changed 360 degrees when he was convicted of suffering from throat cancer. The man named Jack Mckee regretted his actions for life. Anyway, it’s really a must-watch as an afterthought to always be introspective!

4. Something the Lord Made

Just like Patch Adams, Something the Lord Made is also made based on the true story of a doctor who struggles to make a drug in curing rare baby blue disease (baby blue).

The laboratory officer named Viviane Thomas is the person behind the creation of a rare drug. However, due to racial issues, he was not recognized as the legal owner of the vaccine.

5. Cado-Cado the Movie

This last film came from Indonesia, you know. Duke Dolken plays a doctor who is KOASS or an intern to complete his studies. In the film, joy and sorrow as a doctor help are very visible. So, a medical student is really obliged to watch this film. Surely you will feel the same thing when doing responsibilities as a doctor later.