Motorbikes For Medical Emergencies

Following the test run that began on November 7, even in this crowded city, medical staff still has the possibility to reach patients within just 5 minutes. Saigon General Hospital, Deputy director Nguyen Khac Vui was responsible for the service and expressed appreciation for it at a plenary meeting on Tuesday.

Motorcycle Paramedics

Prior to the launch of the test run, the hospital requested about 26 motorcycles transported through Motorcycle Hitch Carriers. After the launch of the two-wheeled medical emergency, the hospital had been receiving about 67 emergency calls and sent out motorcycles to tend to these emergency calls. Nine of them were addressed on the spot and the other 17 were rescued in an ambulance and brought to the hospital.

Thanks to motorcycle technology, medical emergency response has become faster and more cost effective.

This medical emergency system enables the patient to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Sample Case: Providing emergency care to a pregnant woman with signs of premature birth

“People were surprised and confused at first, but immediately understood. Some even asked for an emergency doctor riding a motorcycle. A pregnant woman in one of the many patients on motorcycle service showed signs of bleeding and premature birth.”

When her family made 115 emergency calls, her house was deep in a small alley, and traditional ambulances were almost inaccessible. The rescue team was immediately sent through a motorcycle. Doctors and nurses with basic equipment arrived in 5 minutes. Soon after examining her vital signs and also giving fluid transfusion, the medical emergency team brought her to the hospital for proper care.

Other hospitals also want to join, and Dr. Tran Van Khanh, director of the second military hospital, asked the City Health Department to provide services to the hospital. There are many narrow alleys in the area and catering to these emergency calls becomes increasingly challenging, traffic congestion is frequent, and often three ambulances are inadequate. He said that the two-wheeler model will provide the fastest access for patients and save more lives.

The Two-Wheeler Emergency Response Team

The motorcycles of the respondents of Saigon General Hospital were equipped with tools such as neck splints, defibrillators, and blood glucose meters. Tang Chi Thuong, vice president of the HCMC Health Department stated that the medical emergency motorcycle response team has been effectively implemented in many countries. Tuong said: “The town has over 10 million people. In 2017, 115 emergency centers catered to 12,000 calls.”

The department said that the two-wheeled model has the advantage of fast and cost-effective access to the site and can be economically advantageous in the years to come. “Two-wheeler medics must follow traffic rules as well as speed limits similar to regular motorcycles and give consideration to road safety,” Tuong said.