Medical and Health Experts Helped Improve Esports Training Programs

During the early days of professional esports training, many athletes suffered certain health disorders after spending long gruelling hours of daily scrimmages. The most common health issues that threatened the well-being of esports gamers included:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or wrist injuries caused by prolonged repetitive motion
  • Spontaneous Pneumothorax, also known as “collapsed lung” caused by poor posture and sedentary lifestyle
  • Mental fatigue leading to early burnout
  • Overall poor physical condition due to lack of nutrition and physical exercise


In order to address the prevalence of such ailments among esports athletes, officials of professional esports teams took action by coordinating their esports training programs with the advice given by medical professionals, as well as by nutrition scientists and exercise experts.


Research Revealed Positive Behavioral Patterns Helped Video Gamers Play Efficiently

In 2017, researchers at the Brown University (BU) in Rhode Island took to studying data on online matches played by “Halo” gamers during a 7-month period. The goal was to find out gaming patterns that yielded positive outcomes. The findings suggest that many players with effective gaming skills also demonstrated healthy habits and behaviors.

Although the data covering the matches played by about 3.2 million “Halo” gamers showed many had excellent gaming skills, players who yielded the best gaming stats were those who spaced their engagements by way of short breaks. Breaks were taken regardless of whether a player won or lost from the last match. BU researchers also noted that the gaps that occurred in-between game matches were usually short, as having done so had allowed players to rapidly regain mastery of the skills they acquired before they took a break.

The study also took note of behavioral patterns that showed gamers giving importance to regaining skills first, before testing new strategies or game play in meeting challenges they needed to overcome. .

Based on our own observation, stressing out is common to the less-skilled players and beginners. Not a few players entertain the notion that non-stop gaming is relentless practicing that works toward improvement. That is without giving time to think what makes other gamers better in attaining positive results.

How Zaros Can Help Less-Skilled Players Benefit from Taking Short Breaks

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Players who are worried that short breaks will cause them to lose momentum, can let another player participate in game matches on their behalf, while working toward achieving improvement.

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