Introducing Sonopill, A Device That Can Replace Endoscopy

Technicians have shown that it is technically possible to take a microscopic ultrasound image by guiding a small robot capsule into the colon. They call it Sonopill, this device can someday substitute the need for affected individuals to endure endoscopy. In endoscopy, a semi-rigid scope is sent to the intestine. This is an intrusive treatment that can really be painful.

Sonopill, A Device That Can Replace Endoscopy

Images generated from micro-ultrasound have the benefit of better identifying several kinds of cell changes connected with tumor or cancer. Sonopill is the culmination of 10 years of research by a global consortium of scientists and engineers. The outcomes of the study were published in the Science of Robotics journal.

The group of experts has developed a strategic approach referred to as intelligent magnetic manipulation. This is based on the theory that magnets can easily repel and attract one another, a number of magnets had been set on a robotic arm which will pass through the patient and interact with a magnet within the capsule, carefully moving this within the colon.

The use of magnetic force is harmless and could go through human tissue, eliminating the demand for a physical link between the capsule and the robot arm.

An AI (artificial intelligence) system means that smooth capsules are correctly placed against the intestinal wall and produce the highest quality micro-ultrasound pictures. The study likewise revealed that if ever the soft capsule has gone off track, the AI system could track it back on the right place.

The new-found technology in medical science has the opportunity to improve the way medical doctors carry out assessments of the gastrointestinal tract without physical intrusions.