How Windows 10 Promote Healthcare Benefits

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Healthcare benefits a lot from the technology advancements in the present times since electronic medical records software and other information are being used. With this, the integration between the medical field and software systems has never been important. Consequently, software companies are beginning to look for ways to make their products more appealing to those in healthcare.

The day the Microsoft 10 was released, Microsoft conducted a press release promoting the benefits that the newly-released Windows 10 offers to the field of healthcare as well as the ways to trouble shoot the OS through if something happens. According to the company’s statement, the OS was created with health-centric functions that aim to drive mobile health forward to extend the reach and improve the quality of patient care.

With the benefits of the new system, Microsoft aims to provide solution and help to physician’s increasing need to access electronic medical records and interact with a variety of devices. Providers need to be able to view and work with patient information from wherever they are at any time. On that end, Windows 10 comes with features that optimizes apps in both touch and desktop modes, allowing medical professionals to efficiently access EMR systems, interact with different devices and connect with other providers whether they are in an intensive care unit, at the office or on a home visit.

Microsoft also reported that the operating system will help to promote patient engagement by connecting new platforms and devices that will extend chronic disease management and long-term care to the home, allowing patients to more actively manage their own wellness. Integration with existing software and systems will also give providers the ability to connect with their patients remotely using more secure chat, test, video and voice options. The system’s Device Guard and Secure Boot are reported to block outside attacks by only allowing trusted software to be run on devices. Credential Guard, another new feature, keeps provider login credentials safe by only storing them in the hardware.

The next steps for Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Edition became available for download by Software Assurance customers on August 1. Healthcare IT News Reported that the mobile version is already available.