How Video Games are Impacting the Field of Medicine?

Video games are starting to serve a new training ground for would-be physicians. One educator discussed how gaming transforms competency in education. Dr. Rahman mentioned that students are more likely to enjoy the same benefits of MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games by means of doing collaboration with their professors and peers alike in a clinical learning environment.

It’s Appealing to our Senses

Not only that, gaming easily appeals to the common traits of a student regardless of the field they are studying be it medicine, engineering, law and whatnot. And as gamers, it can test the skills of medical student and have the freedom to fail and to learn from the mistakes they have made for failing the stage. This reinforces them the concepts that they have to use in mastering the game and later on, apply it in their actual practice.

Video games are offering as well one-of-a-kind opportunity among students to perform a risk-benefit analysis and to follow a custom learning plan.

The Limitations

Yes it is true that video games could be a wonderful teaching tool in the field of medicine. Let’s not disregard the fact that it has its limitations too. Majority of the proponents of using technology in healthcare feel as if the video game application modernization will be a lot more useful in terms of educating medical students of the vital surgical procedures and medical concepts.

These advocates feel as well that the technology can bolster students in making vital career choices by enabling them to know what actual practitioners of different fields feel like.

While all these things are true, something that video games would never be able to fill up in is the feeling and sensation of cutting into real human flesh, bones, emotions or even the emotion that come knowing that someone’s life depend on your hands.

Weighing the Pitfalls and Benefits

Still, the technology might be limited in these things and showing students how they could overcome these challenges and obstacles yet, it serves a good training ground to know the immediate course of actions to be taken if they’re in such situation.