How Ketogenic Diet Affects Medical Conditions

On a normal individual, ketogenic aids in their weight loss regimen. Keto cookbook is a great help to achieve the daily food intake needed. Aside from that the best keto cookbook may also provide information such as monitoring and controlling one’s macronutrients level. So, it is very clear that the goal of a normal individual for having a keto diet book is basically weight loss.


On the other hand, knowing the principle of ketogenic diet, ketosis is found to be effective in the improvement of blood glucose level in diabetic patients. Aside from that, weight loss has been observed in individuals who have diabetes. Furthermore, based on studies, ketosis shows relevant advantages over various medical conditions.


Medical Conditions Affected by Ketogenic Diet


In todays medical technology, different advances had been conducting to find treatment to certain diseases. According to research, there are some conditions which show positive response on ketosis. While there are still others that need thorough and more comprehensive studies. Below are some medical conditions in which ketosis take effect positively.




In order to treat epilepsy and other related disorders such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gaustat syndrome, ketogenic diet is accepted as one of the medical treatment.


In one study where children are given ketogenic meals, it has been found out that seizure frequency had been reduced. Around 50% of the children’s population who do not respond well on the given medications automatically stop seizure attacks while having ketosis. However, the reason behind the improvement of seizure among children is still under study. Two main points are taken into consideration with this. Either due to the level of ketone B-OHB or beta-hydroxybutyrate or the decline in blood glucose or insulin.



Head trauma that is severe is known to be resulted from individuals with very high levels of blood sugar in the body. In fact, studies show that worsening of the injury and recovery impairment from trauma is basically due to increased amount of blood sugar. Moreover, ketone supplementation on brain injured individuals exhibits elevated brain’s consumption of ketones after an injury. This phenomenon reveals that the brain is switching its source of energy while on recovery stage.




A long-term, autoimmune condition that affects the memory, joint, and the heart, Lyme disease is known to damage the brain. Inflammation had been produced thus causing the brain to get damaged. Meanwhile, because of the anti-inflammatory properties of ketones, symptoms of Lyme disease are believed to be alleviated. Ketones decrease the amount of cytokines, an inflammatory marker commonly located on the brain of Lyme patients. That’s why ketosis is used as treatment for this condition.