Heat Therapy and Its Approach in Medical Technology

Despite of the advancement in todays medical technology, therapy treatments are still patronized by many healthcare practitioners. One of which is the heat therapy. Also known as “thermotheraphy”, basic heat therapy utilizes hot water bottle, microwave-heated pads, or warm bath. Frequently, this kind of treatment is provided to get relief from pain due to damage of the muscle or joint.

Application of heat therapy is very simple. It begins with heating the water on a stove top or using the best outdoor tankless water heater. Usually, the temperature of hot water for heat therapy has an average of 40 degrees Celsius. Further, there are some medical cases which call for the utilization of both heat and cold therapy in an alternating process.


The Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is useful in dilating the blood vessels to a body area which is generally inflamed. It also enhances the blood flow and aids in the relaxation of muscles. Additionally, through heat therapy, lactic acid deposits after exercising activities can be easily eliminated.

On a psychological aspect, heat can be relieving thus, giving emphasis on its analgesic function. Compared to cold therapy, heat therapy seems to be more effective in the treatment of chronic pain around the muscles. It is also an effective treatment for arthritis.



Heat therapy can be applied in various ways. Below are those ways.

  • Using safe heating devices like electrical heating pads, hot compress, heat wraps or hot water bottles.

Available heat packs can either be dry or moist. For the dry packs, the application can be done for up to 8 hours. On the other hand, the moist pack has a quick application for just only about 2 hours.

  • Immersing the affected area in a hot bath.

A hot bath is generally used to relieve the aches resulted from some pain.

  • Utilization of heated paraffin wax treatment.

  • Medicated rubs or patches containing capsicum.

Medicated patches, along with single-wraps or dry wraps, can be used for a continuous application of until 8 hours.

Heat can be applied on the affected area for about 20 minutes until 3 applications per day. Unless, it is recommended by a physician.