Effects Of Smoking In The Elderly

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Millions of Americans in different sectors smoke, the aged population isn’t exempted. However, as smokers grow older, the adverse effects of smoking begin to show and it is crucial to identify and recognize these effects. Furthermore, it is similarly crucial and imperative to know the advantages of quitting smoking.

As per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), older individuals have the greatest percentage of smokers, where around 18% of all individuals from 45 to 64 are smokers and about 9% are aged 65 and up.

The Need To Quit Smoking When You’re Older

As people age, so will the immune system and bodily functions. Hence, when the elderly continues to smoke, they weaken their overall immune system even more and faster making it extra challenging for the body to nurse and restore itself to health especially when faced with serious and possibly fatal diseases.

Cigarettes as well as other tobacco products include different chemicals that are intended to keep them hooked. Concurrently, such products could slowly make you sick and be a cause of your demise, and these effects from smoking could quickly sneak up on elderly people.

Aside from chemicals that could cause cancer, there are several physical effects of smoking that the not only elderly smokers and may suffer from:

  • Dry Skin and/or Premature Aging: Smoking could dry your skin as well as lose its elasticity causing wrinkles and premature aging.
  • Dark and Thick Mucus: With the damage that smoking could do to the lungs, it could cause coarse coughs. The byproduct is a dark thick mucus that appears when lungs are irritated, particularly upon waking up.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Men are at risk of developing erectile dysfunction or may have problems maintaining an erection.
  • Less Muscle: Smoking causes the weakening of or non-development of muscles because of insufficient levels of oxygen circulating in the body.