Do You Know Why Lights is Important in Hospitals? Because Lights Can Help Patients

Light has much more effect on our health and well-being than we think. For example, effective use of light in healthcare can have a positive influence on patients. Philips uses this science in a lighting concept for patient rooms.

Light as online lighting Australia is important for human health, as it helps regulate important processes in our Clinic, Medical, Health Care, Disease, Emergency Roombody , such as the sleep and wake rhythm that is determined by light and darkness. That is why it is even more important for people who stay indoors for an important part of the day, such as hospital patients. Scientific research has shown that better lighting conditions during the day and night can help patients sleep better.

Healwell Improves Patient and Staff Experience

Healwell from Philips Lighting is a special solution for patient rooms. The lighting concept is based on research and focuses on responding to the different needs of the users, at any time of the day and night, with an intelligent network system. Healwell supports the healing environment with a proven improvement in sleep duration and mood, and in the satisfaction of patients and staff.

Practical Research Into The Effects

Philips Lighting conducted a practical study in the cardiology department of the Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands. Various measured parameters of patients were monitored during their stay in the hospital. The study compared the results of patients in rooms with existing lighting with those of patients in rooms with Healwell.

  • higher degree of satisfaction among patients and employees;
  • longer sleep duration for patients;
  • shorter time to fall asleep for patients;
  • better mood of patients, derived from the HADS depression scores (Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale).

Prefer Atmospheric Lighting

People who have to stay in the hospital often feel anxious. If patients have the opportunity to express themselves individually, it gives them the feeling that they have more say over their environment. That also makes them more comfortable. Healwell can provide this by allowing patients to choose their preferred mood from a number of pre-programmed lighting scenes.