Detecting And Preventing Sports Injuries Through Technology

Sport is a vital aspect of people’s lives, so companies dedicated to sports develop and manufacture the best equipment and gears for players to enjoy and perform in the sport better. See

Sports-related injuries are very common, especially to those who regularly participate and engage in sports. When injured, players may be affected in numerous ways during as well as after their profession as a sportsperson. Since injuries are common any type of sports, it is crucial to understand the injury as well as to improve and hasten recovery.

Technology that Aid to Prevent Sports Injuries

Although there are a large number of products available in the market to help prevent injuries, researchers and experts have been continuously making attempts to develop innovative technology to improve the possibilities of averting sports-related injuries. For instance, a group of researchers presented sports compression tights wherein it could aid in understanding as well as assessing the risk of injuries in the knee and muscle. In the same way, there are gears for other sports wherein it could help thwart injury. For example, knee braces for basketball players were developed as they have a higher risk of shin split, tendon injuries, as well as concussions.

Sensors Used to Detect Injuries

Being and maintaining fitness and health is the best approach to remain in good physical shape. If an injury could be detected early on, the medical team could immediately treat it as well as stop it from worsening. This kind of technology would greatly benefit players. Many sports team are utilizing sensors to spot injuries. Either these are attached onto the body directly or could be incorporated in the wearable technologies.

These sensors could be worn throughout the training session to obtain a better knowledge of what they may be doing wrong, but can’t be worn during official games. Moreover, sensors could help provide a better understanding of injuries that might have not been spotted. Researchers have likewise created sensors that could detect trauma in the brain. This could provide the medical team regarding the impact of the knock or hit as well as to assess the possibility of a serious damage.

Wearable Technology

Numerous companies have already begun manufacturing wearable technologies. In fact, the market is filled with numerous wearable gadgets for health and fitness. Incorporated in these gadgets are sensors which aid to track the breathing, heart rate as well as keep monitor day-to-day activities.

Numerous wearable are purposely intended for sports. They could monitor the athlete’s stress level and could advise a certain time of recovery. There are clothing with sensors as well that could monitor the athlete’s health and performance, whereas other wearable could track temperature, range of movement and pressure on the joints.