Behind the Movie Scene: Sci-fi Inspired Medical Innovations

These innovations that were once visualized in sci-fi movies do now prevail in the world of medical technology.


Generally, most of the movies of today’s time revolve around sci-fi topics and medical technology subjects. These field are the most common genre in which the interest of the public arise. From the big screens up to the home theatres where filme online hd are available, one may find various movies having this kind of story.


It may quite illusory but, surprisingly, medical technology has successfully lead the way of science fiction knowledge into reality. This phenomenon lead the healthcare industries to larger grounds. Moreover, this is also delivering more medical breakthroughs.


Sci-fi inspired medical innovations


The medical breakthroughs below are illustrations that todays medical technology is making the science fiction movies become reality.


Star Trek-inspired tricorder for medical diagnosis


50 years ago, the movie Star Trek envisioned a medical device. This device is a handheld tool which can diagnose all kinds of medical condition by simply swiping it over the body of the patient. Although, in the movie, the tricorder is a cutting edge tool, true to life scientists made it real.

In the form of Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize, this sci-fi gadget was made into life in the year 2012. The Dynamical Biomarkers Group or DGB in Boston is the research group responsible for the development of this gadget which has the ability to diagnose 10 medical conditions. And up until now, they are finding ways for the improvement of the design of its prototype.


Microhands-inspired medi-gels for wound healing


The story of Microhands revolves around surgical procedures being carried out using miniature hands. Nanoscience research became the foundation for this kind of technology. The Bioware’s Mass Effect from video games wherein the supranatural medi-gels cure the injuries of the characters is the inspiration of veti-gel.


Similarly, veti-gel can also prevent bleeding of the arteries in just a span of seconds. This gel contains polysaccharide polymers generally located in the cell wall of the plants. By mimicking the structure of the extracellular matrix, veti-gels perform as scaffolding to reform the matrix and stop the bleeding.


Star Trek-inspired headset for eyesight restoration


eSight is a medical technology enterprise which introduced the newly invented headset known as the eSight 3. This gadget is patterned with the technologically created visor of LeVar Burton of Star Trek. The eSight 3 contains liquid lens, high-resolution display, and optical prisms.


With this, the gadget boosts the ability of the blind people to see. eSight 3 is generally effective for macular degeneration and diabetes-related loss of vision. Additionally, it has greater than 50% probability of affecting different eye conditions.