An introduction to medical technology course

The medical technology course is booming: Due to demographic change, the medical sector is a growth market and very popular with students. Medical technology is people who are enthusiastic about technology – it combines medical progress with engineering. As a medical technology student, you use your knowledge to improve the health of sick people and to maintain that of healthy people. Well-known products from this discipline are pacemakers, EKGs, prostheses, and dialysis machines. Technology has allowed manufacturers to create the best protective cover for travel trailers for medical students.

What course content can you expect?

A mixture of theoretical and practical course content awaits you in the medical technology course. The basic subjects give you a broad knowledge of the natural sciences as well as in the disciplines of mechanical engineering and materials science.

Typical modules that you will encounter in the medical technology course are:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer science
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Math and algorithmics
  • Physics

You will learn about measuring processes in laboratory experiments or you will program your own applications in software courses. CAD programs help you with the digital simulation of your ideas. You can use it to construct your own models on the PC.

Depending on the university, you choose different areas of focus, such as imaging processes, electrical and information technology, prosthetics, or precision engineering. You will deepen these focal points in the master’s degree. Often you decide on a professional profile right at the beginning that determines the further course of your studies. After completing your degree, you will be an expert in the development, construction, and marketing of medical technology products.

Phases of the medical technology course

In the medical technology course, you will go through two study phases. The basic course gives you the basic knowledge, while the main course focuses on your chosen specialization. In this part of the course, you begin your own research, which you will use to prepare your thesis.

The medical technology bachelor’s degree usually lasts 6 semesters. If the course of study provides for a compulsory practical semester, you will need 7 semesters for the bachelor’s degree. The medical technology course usually ends with the academic degree of Bachelor of Science. Some universities award you a Bachelor of Engineering after finishing your studies.