The use of Medical Drones under $100 for Delivery

Drones under $100 like from and of course, the premium models can be used for a number of applications like taking aerial footages, surveillance and more. Today, another application that is used for drones is for medical delivery like transporting serum, drugs and several hand-carry medical devices swiftly to remote locations. As a matter of

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Things Only Medical Technology Students Can Relate To

The journey to becoming a Registered Medical Technologist is no doubt challenging. In the middle of fighting against bacteria, fungi, blood groups, cells, hand-outs, and most essentially, rest, students studying this course see comfort in the fact that the same difficulty is experienced. Here are some things that will allow Medtech students nod their heads

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Medical Technology – Shaping Our Society

Medical Technology has shaped our society. It is a very important field in the medical world. Throughout the years this field has saved numerous lives, made life better, and has given so much in line with healthcare. Medical technologists work on collecting early and accurate diagnoses for different health conditions. It expedites up-to-the-minute intervention for

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