The Help of TikTok Over the Healthcare Industry

In terms of health forums and discussions, the most real, exciting, and up-to-date interactions might be dominating the TikTok industry. Compared to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, TikTok is a social media platform that is generally based on videos. The app has already been downloaded worldwide with more than a billion. Its users are allowed to

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Medical Technology of the Past and Today

The use of organic resources like plants, bits of animals and plethora of minerals are the early forms of medical practice and medicine. All societies, no exemptions, there were magical forms of healing and even religious rituals. This was because science wasn’t so prevalent and that people are relying heavily on Gods, deities and idols

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Researchers Working To Develop Corona Vaccine

We are working hard worldwide on a vaccine that can protect all of us against the coronavirus. In January, during the Wuhan outbreak, genetic data of the coronavirus was shared with the world. From that moment on, research started immediately on the virus and the development of a vaccine. Corona vaccine works in mice Scientists

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